METO Relaunch


Online English language services provider, METO, relaunches this weekend with a range of new services, including a website grammar proofing service.

We checked out several turnkey websites being offered on eBay, supposedly written in English, and the grammar was a joke.

A commercial site written in poor English – and I don’t mean the odd typo – will scare away potential customers faster than a contaminated cucumber.

For a small fee, we’ll read and comment on the standard of English displayed on any site you might be thinking of buying – potentially saving you a lot of embarrassment and damage to your corporate image.

Email, subscribe to the blog, follow us on Twitter, or visit: for more information.


About metoenglish

I'm a CELTA-qualified, online English language teacher. I'm relaunching the MetoEnglish site and gradually bringing this blog back up to speed. I can provide a variety of English language services so, if you're looking for ESL/ESOL services and resources, or want to improve your English language skills, please email me for more information. Thanks! Mike
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