Not only people need English lessons!

I was sent an article this week about a dog who needed English lessons. It was quite interesting and, although it makes absolute sense that an animal would only understand the language in which it was taught, it had never actually occurred to me.

Well, the story is about a dog called Cent. He was being cared for in a RSPCA centre. Apparently, he would not respond to any of the commands that the carers gave him. This baffled the carers as most domesticated dogs know basic commands such as sit, etc. After looking into his history they discovered that he had come from a Polish family, which lead them to the conclusion that he must not be able to understand the English language.

The carers decided to look up some phrases in Polish and sure enough Cent understood them. Since then they have been training him to follow the commands in English as well.

Now this just begs the question, do dogs bark in different languages too?


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2 Responses to Not only people need English lessons!

  1. HirokoJoya says:

    I think this is quite innovative and interesting thing to know about.I liked it.

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