Learn English online from the comfort of your own home

Learn English onlineA computer, an internet connection and a headset are all you need to start learning English online with a CELTA-qualified, native English speaker. Learning English online has many advantages; it’s cost-effective, convenient and removes the stress of travelling to class.

Instead you are in the comfort of your own space, whether it be your own home, office or anywhere you feel comfortable.  You can sit back and relax and benefit from the undivided attention of your online English teacher.

Taking English lessons with ‘My English teacher online is an enjoyable experience. I use Skype – which you can download for free. We are therefore able to share visual images and files, as necessary, as well as speak to each other. If you don’t have access to a PC at the times you’d like your tuition, no problem. I can call you at any landline number and we can conduct the class by voice alone. At the end of the class, I’ll send you written feedback and action points. This feedback always includes some new words and useful idioms.

Take advantage of my free, 15 minute needs assessment lesson to see for yourself how you can benefit from learning English online. What have you got to lose? 

Study hard!



About metoenglish

I'm a CELTA-qualified, online English language teacher. I'm relaunching the MetoEnglish site and gradually bringing this blog back up to speed. I can provide a variety of English language services so, if you're looking for ESL/ESOL services and resources, or want to improve your English language skills, please email me for more information. Thanks! Mike
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