Whose vs Who’s – What’s the difference?

A similar problem to your/you‘re where one is a contraction and the other signifies possession.

Who‘s is really who is, the apostrophe indicates that an i is missing:
e.g. Who‘s that gorgeous girl over there?” (Who is that gorgeous girl over there?)

Whose means “belonging to the person”: e.g. “Dan, whose eyes were bloodshot, hadn’t slept well.”

Whose is a possessive pronoun. e.g. whose cat, whose iPod, etc.

Who’s is normally misused in questions such as:
“Who‘s bag is this?”

It should, of course, be “Whose bag is this?”

Type the missing words from the following sentences in the comments section below:

1- __________ coming to the shops with me?

2- She wanted to know __________ bags they were.

3- I opened the curtains so I can see __________ coming to the door.

4-  __________ coming to dinner tonight?

5- __________ plate is this?


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