Learning English online – Student stories (part 1).


First of all, I want to apologise for the lack of posts to my blog lately. I have been extremely busy with work and some additional studies I wanted to complete.

That being said, I have cleared up my schedule slightly and will be back to blogging as of today!

So what is it like learning English online, I recently had a discussion with one of my students about the pro’s and con’s of learning online as he had been to several institutes and had never quite got the hang of studying until he started online.

As he is of a very quite nature he found studying in a classroom stressful. Having to interact with students he wasnt familiar with and answer questions during group sessions made it very difficult for him to thrive in his studies. However, as learning English was important for him he was determined not to give up and went through several learning facilities from community colleges to private centers where the classrooms had no more than 5 or 6 students.

Eventually, a friend had suggested he find an online teacher, which he did. Since then he has found that studying is alot easier for him. Being able to study from home, a place where he is most comfortable he finds that his stress and anxiety which he used to feel before a lesson are reduced and he can concentrate on the lessons more.

So this is just one story I wanted to share with you to show why people are choosing to learn online. I will be discussing the matter with more of my students and hopefully posting some more stories very soon.


About metoenglish

I'm a CELTA-qualified, online English language teacher. I'm relaunching the MetoEnglish site and gradually bringing this blog back up to speed. I can provide a variety of English language services so, if you're looking for ESL/ESOL services and resources, or want to improve your English language skills, please email me for more information. Thanks! Mike
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