Practice vs Practise – What’s the difference?

Practice is a noun, it can be a place or time such as a doctors practice, or piano practice.

Practise is a verb, it is something you do. For example, the doctor practises medicine in a doctors practice and the boy practises his piano at piano practice.

This is a common occurance between similiar words, where the one ending with ce is a noun and the one ending with se is a verb…..see the last post concerning advice/advise.

Type the missing words from the following sentences in the comments section below: 

1- I need to _________ more vocabulary.

2- The girl arrived late for her violin ________.

3- He _________ hard to impress his coach at football _________.

4- It is time for us to _________ our new dance routine.

5- We all went out to eat after dance _________.


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