Why learn to speak English?


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Why learn to speak English?
First of all, learning new languages is fun and very rewarding. Being able to communicate with different people from around the world is only the beginning. By learning a new language you are opening the door to endless possibilities; further studies of culture, science, business, etc. As well as improving your career prospects.

Quite simply, English is the most widely used language in the world:

  • Most webpages are in English.
  • Over two-thirds of the world’s scientists read in English.
  • 75% of the world’s mail is in English.
  • 80% of the world’s electronically stored information is in English.
  • And about one-and-a-half billion people speak English worldwide.

So, pretty popular then…


About metoenglish

I'm a CELTA-qualified, online English language teacher. I'm relaunching the MetoEnglish site and gradually bringing this blog back up to speed. I can provide a variety of English language services so, if you're looking for ESL/ESOL services and resources, or want to improve your English language skills, please email me for more information. Thanks! Mike
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2 Responses to Why learn to speak English?

  1. Yes, because it I really want learn english!

  2. metoenglish says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    Please subscribe to my blog I will be releasing a number of useful learning aids. Including audio and video tips, vocabulary and grammar rules.


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